Wimbledon 2023 – pop up studio


This summer, during the Wimbledon tournament, Capital returned with another live broadcast, and we were tasked with creating this bespoke summer house setup.The removal of the built- in studio desk that was incorporated last year allowed for ample space to encompass Capital and Vodafone branding throughout.   A custom-made trellis backdrop featuring a built-in 4K TV display and custom neon signs was the focal point, capturing the attention of visitors. Additionally, flawlessly painted tennis court lines from inside the structure to the outside raised patio area enticed spectators. 

Once again, our team constructed a fully cladded and levelled structure, tailored to Capital’s specifications, over the course of a week. The structure featured bifold doors, allowing spectators to peek inside and presenters to engage with the crowd. 

In addition, we had the pleasure of designing and building a fun and engaging ‘Strawberries & Cream’ game activation as shown in the pictures below. This featured an oversized clear acrylic bowl, on which a vinyl print was flawlessly laid to complete the look. 


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