Our extensive marquee & structure stock includes full Roder Marquees, with frame widths of 3-25m wide, with virtually unlimited lengths. We can accompany these tents with fully levelled wood floors, carpeting, lining and blackout or panoramic roofs, depending on the style of event.

The Prolyte structures can be utilised for outdoor cinema screens, local festivals and together with our line array towers, creating a professional looking stage, together with technical production & sound coverage to match!

Looking for anything else? We offer full packages to accompany our marquees and structures. Take a look at what we do here, or to get a bespoke solution & quote, get in touch today!

Case studies title orange
Case studies title orange

big marquee build

One of our recent builds – a large tent with a riverside view. We constructed a 25m x 45m frame, on a full sub. base wood floor with floorstak levlling, and a fully lined & carpeted tent, for a 2 week graduation in East London.

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bbc earth experience

A recent marquee & production build – of one of our 15m wide frames, with full levelled wood flooring.
We built & dressed this 40m long marquee and added in production elements for the evening reception. 
The marquee looked stunning with the panoramic roofs, whilst being practical for a spring evening, with heating throughout & toilets/kitchen built into the marquee itself allowing for a fully inclusive space.

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An Island marquee

We loved building our 25m marquee frame with a full sub-base floor, complete with full draping too! Next, we kitted it out with a beautiful stage design and technical kit.
The tent was situated on the beach of Osea Island, providing the stunning views from the glass windows behind the ceremony. This wedding looked stunning as the lights transformed the look throughout the evening!

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Marquee structures

We hold a stock of marquee structures from 3m up to 25m wide, with all inbetween! As well as the frames, we can offer these with full wood floors, carpeting, panoramic & blackout canvases. If you’re looking for something more elegant, we offer full lining, atmoshperic lighting and draping for these tents too. Together with our technical production skills, your event will look unrecognisable!

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Prolyte structures

Our stock includes a range of Prolyte structures, from their RT line array towers, to the MPT-LED support structures. We have a range of stage roofs available – and if you’re looking for a custom structure with full calcs and safety documents, we can provide this too. If you need the technical equipment for these, from line arrays to LED screen, we can help. Alternatively, if you’re just looking for structures – get in touch with us!

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