We recognise that your wedding day is one of life’s most significant and meaningful moments. Whether you envision a grand ballroom affair, a rustic outdoor celebration, or a modest intimate wedding, we’re here to bring your vision to life.
As specialists in luxury wedding production, Extreme Production Group is your top choice for crafting unforgettable experiences. Our expertise in weddings ensures personalised, bespoke atmospheres that reflect your unique story and style.
From initial concept to flawless execution, our dedicated team works closely with you to realise your wedding dreams. Whether you have a specific theme or need creative ideas, we excel at creating stunning finishes that leave a lasting impression.
Our expert team offers personalised designs, ideas, and detailed CAD drawings, allowing you to visualise every aspect of your dream wedding.
Whether you require a small stage or a complete room transformation, we have the expertise and resources to bring your vision to life. Explore our portfolio for inspiration and ideas.
Ready to make your wedding day truly extraordinary? Contact Extreme Production Group today to discover how we can transform your vision into an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

recent events title
recent events title
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prestigious savoy wedding

Tasked with creating a ‘wow factor’ wedding at The Savoy, our team dreamt up a custom designed 2 level balcony stage, with LED trim and full custom steps across the front.
We utilised our white lighting fixtures to blend seamlessly into the room, and created a party atmosphere with our round bar right on the dancefloor, and a stage set ready for Craig David to perform an intimate live set.

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Stunning white wedding

We recently worked in the brand new Raffles Hotel ballrom, bringing a stunning white wedding to life! Our team created a custom stage with LED trim, a custom dancefloor as well as astunning package of white lighting and sound fixutures, enhancing the room whilst remaining subtle and sophisticated. Our team worked with the multiple bands and DJs on the music filled event, to ensure smooth changovers and an electric atmosphere throughout.

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Our client wanted a stage with a ‘wow factor’ and we delivered! We designed & created a stage complete with 3 balconies, towering over the room, where the band played from all night. The stage had a custom dancefloor & LED trim, complemented by our flown white lighting fixtures, flooding the room with subtle colour and texture. Our custom mirror long tables sat adjacent to the stage and completed the stunning ballroom.

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Rosewood wedding

A recent wedding we had the pleasure of being a part of, at the Rosewood Hotel, London.
Our team created a beautiful white & mirror stage, together with custom pleated backdrop, fitted with many of our white Robe lights within.
We placed lighting around the room, subtly enhancing the beautiful ballroom and ensuring a party atmosphere throughout the evening, whilst keeping an intimate setting for the dinner elements.

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A recent wedding we produced at Claridge’s, with a custom mirror aisle leading seamlessly into the white gloss dancefloor. We provided a gloss white & mirror LED stage, with a matching DJ booth and a mixture of tungsten and white lighting fixtures to create a stunning atmosphere in the room.


A central london marriage

We created a green textured stage with a green mirror finish, for this stunning wedding at The Londoner, Leicester Square.
We added in a lighting package, for the ceremony & the evening party, while adding a 3 sided lit bar to match the stage theming.

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Floral dreams

Working at the stunning Four Seasons Hampshire, our team created a stunning wedding production, complete with a custom designed, built & lit trellis backdrop, and flown truss, working with the florist to create a beautiful canopy of flowers across the ballroom.
We created a custom themed bar, and a levelled hard floor aisle carpet for the ceremony in the stunning walled garden setting.

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Our team had the pleasure of bringing the couples’ creative vision to life, building full size custom flats, with mirrorball and lights fitted within, creating a ful height unique backdrop at The Landmark, London.
We created a custom stage, which included indoor firework machines built into the front, allowing a completely seamless look for the first dance, and a huge wow factor for the guests and wedding photos!
In the Grand Ballroom, we created an intimate ceremony setting with a white aisle carpet & stage, with subtle lighting throughout.

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Wedding Production

A recent wedding we had the pleasure of producing within the beautiful Lancaster Ballroom at The Savoy. Our team created an intimate vibe within the ballroom, with the use of our lighting and a beautiful stage for Club Live to perform from. We also built a custom dancefloor, finishing the ballroom production off beautifully, and creating a great party atmosphere.

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